Visit of the company Krones

From 19 – 20 May 2017, TIP members will visit Krones in Germany. Krones is the parent company of Kronplan, a TIP member of many years. Thus, TIP members will have a unique opportunity to view the operation and cutting edge technology in a company operating worldwide which develops and manufactures machinery and complete production lines in the bottling and packaging technology sector for the food industry in particular.

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TIP General Meeting in Eurosoftware

General Meeting of Technological Initiative Pilsen is organized in EUROSOFTWARE in Pilsen. We look forward to seeing you on the 4th April at 14:00 in Radčická 60/40, 301 00 Plzen, meeting room on the 3rd floor (orange building).

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TIP General Meeting in MBtech Bohemia

TIP General Meeting took place on 9 November, this time at the premises of MBtech Bohemia in Pilsen. MBtech representative, Mr Rudolf Vohnout, began by welcoming General Meeting participants along with General Secretary, Pavel Duchek, and then went on to introduce all the activities of his company, and a interesting tour of the whole factory was also taken. MBtech Bohemia, which has been an associate partner for many years, was accepted as a TIP member during the General Meeting. TIP now has 18 members, and other co-operating partners, mainly from business fields.

The programme traditionally includes a very interesting specialist presentation, and this time it was given by Mrs Ludmila Kučerová from the University of West Bohemia’s Regional Technical Institute on the topic of New Trends and Opportunities in Metallography.

This was also an important meeting in that a new Board of Directors was elected to lead TIP over the years to come, this to be comprised of Mr Martin Kořínek, executive director at GRAMMER CZ, Mr Johannes Hafner, executive director at Konplan, Mr Mathias Eickhoff, executive director at ZF Engineering Plzeň, Mr Pavel Majer, executive director at GOLDRATT CZ, and Mr Karel Luňáček, executive director at MECAS ESI.

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Financial support for Foundation “Support for technical education in the Pilsen Region”

Pilsen Association of Technological Initiative provided financial amount of 15 000, – CZK for Foundation Fund “Support for technical education in the Pilsen region”. This amount is dedicated to support technical education and increasing interest of elementary and secondary school student´s in technical education.

Poděkování náměstka hejtmana Plzeňského kraje

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Joint meeting of the Pilsen Region Commission for Technical Education and the Pilsen Regional Council for Human Resources Development

Mr Vlastimil Volák, CEO of Techmania Science Center o.p.s. (TSC) began by informing those present of TSC activities and the further opportunities it offers, such as linking up digitalisation with the opportunities to test it all out in practice.

Mr Beneš, Senior Consultant for the Regional Development Agency of the Pilsen Region, presented the outcomes of the Regional Needs Analysis. In his talk, he informed participants of statistical data on the economic activities of Pilsen Region citizens from various perspectives (type of employment, age groups, level of educational attainment in various fields of the national economy), as well as the population’s education level, the education system and labour market development, etc.

Mr Duda of the Pilsen Regional Authority’s Department of Education, Youth and Sport (DEYS PRA) gave information on the status of the Pilsen Region Educational Development Regional Action Plans project. The objective of this project is to set up a working system for education action planning in the secondary and higher specialist education field, improving schools management and planning strategic measures leading to improvements in the quality of the Region’s educational system, as well as individual schools. The project is to be implemented from 1 February 2016 until 31 January 2022.

Mr Dušek of DEYS PRA spoke of the establishment, utilisation and current status of the Support for Technical Education in the Pilsen Region Foundation. In spring of this year, 60 large companies and organisation were sent letters asking for donations. During discussions of this point, a proposal was made that banks also be contacted with a request for donations to the foundation.

Mrs Havlíčková spoke on the activities of the Pilsen Region and other subjects in supporting technical education in secondary schools.

Presentation from this section of the meeting.

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4th International Conference Recent Trends in Structural Materials

November 9th – 11th 2016 / Hotel Angelo, Pilsen, Czech Republic, EU. More information at

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Political candidates for Pilsen Region Governor hold discussion with leading representatives of industry

The Technological Initiative Pilsen (TIP), in collaboration with the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CGCCI) and the Regensburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) held a moderated discussion with political candidates for the post of Plzeň Region Governor.

DebataThirty CEOs of industry, forming the backbone of the Pilsen Region economy, took advantage of the opportunity to present their expectations of regional politics to the governor candidates present – Josef Bernard for the ČSSD, Martin Baxa for the ODS and Miloslav Zeman for ANO. The principal topic of the all-afternoon meeting was the availability of specialist workforce in the fast-developing Pilsen Region. The candidates then endeavoured to offer possible solutions to the issue.

Dr. Martin Kořínek, Executive for GRAMMER CZ, s.r.o. and Chair of the Technological Initiative Pilsen, gave a presentation to start the discussion, and explained how important manufacturing is for the Pilsen Region, an industry which is now moving ever more towards new technologies and high-tech. Almost 100 000 people work in industry in the Pilsen Region, almost every third person earning. TIP investigated what qualifications employees of these businesses brought to the companies, and they found that their education and training often did not correspond to the activities they were currently engaged in for the companies. Thus trained hairdressers, pastry-cooks and beauticians were taking on positions as auxiliary staff in manufacturing, due to poor professional prospects or low wages. The problem here is that parents of schoolchildren often have no idea which industries will require new employees in future. The Czech education system – according to the survey undertaken – educates pupils without taking account of the needs of the labour market. “This means thousands of technically-qualified staff are missing in the region,” explained Kořínek.

The ODS’s Martin Baxa admitted that systematic planning had been missing in the Czech school system over the last twenty years. But as a result of this development, Czech teachers had been unfairly put into the position of scapegoats. On the one hand, they are meant to educate qualified employees, but on the other hand red tape does not leave them enough space to do so. Baxa supports the technical professions: “We should show schools that working in industry is not ‘dirty’, and furthermore is well-paid.”

DebataJosef Bernard of the ČSSD would start even earlier. As a politician with experience of management in Škoda Transportation, he advocates getting children interested in technology from an early age. As an example of best practice, he referred a number of times during the discussion to the Techmania Science Center in Pilsen, operated by the Škoda concern. Techmania strives to introduce children to technology and natural sciences in a playful and fun way, thus motivating them towards a greater interest in the field. Bernard, however, considers this is just a long-term solution. He proposes opening our labour market to candidates from Ukraine as a short- and medium-term solution. Ukrainian workers have a high quality level of education and are close to Czechs both culturally and linguistically.

Miloslav Zeman of ANO advocates support for young families to achieve a higher birth-rate in particular, with families with more than one child being desirable. In addition, he would welcome quotas at schools, which would specialise in accordance with the labour needs of different branches of industry. Furthermore, the Czech education system should open up to its neighbours, give space to schools with foreign-language teaching, and increase the attraction of domestic universities for foreign students.

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The Association accepted an application for membership from EUROSOFTWARE, s.r.o.

Association Technological Initiative Pilsen accepted an application for membership from EUROSOFTWARE, s.r.o. This company is a major supplier of logistics solutions for international companies and company is part of GK Software AG. General Meeting will vote about acceptance of this company among members at the upcoming meeting, which will be held on May 31, 2016 at the Marriott Hotel in Pilsen.

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September 6, 2016 will be held in Prague Conference TAL2016

The Trends in Automotive Logistics conference has been dealing with topical issues since 17 years. It focuses on logistics, production, integration and utilisation of modern IT within the automotive industry, and others. Every year there are over 150 professionals taking part in this action. In the years of its existence it has gained a strong position on the market and has become a popular meeting place of managers and professionals not only from the automobile industry. The TAL conference is the greatest event of this specialisation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Trends in Automotive Logistics conference is organized by the AIMTEC company under the sponsorship of the Association of Automotive Industry and the Odette organization.

See more on conference web site

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First meeting of TIP members in 2016

Technological Initiative Pilsen’s first General Meeting of 2016 took place on 11 March 2016. TIP members were invited to the ZF concern’s factory in Staňkov, where executive and director of the company, Mr Stefan Wasner welcomed them and showed them the factory. All participants thus had the opportunity to view the facilities at a state-of-the-art mechanical engineering production site and find inspiration for their own operations. In his introductory speech, Mr Johannes Hafner, Vice-President of TIP thanked ZF Staňkov for organising the meeting, adding that sharing experiences with colleagues and discussing together how to solve problems was of great benefit to us all.

Meeting of TIP members in ZF Staňkov


The representatives of the University of West Bohemia were fascinating guests. Prorector Ladislav Čepička gave a presentation on establishing an English school at the UWE, while Šárka Houdková of the UWE’s New Technologies – Research Centre gave a specialist presentation focused on the use of laser technologies.

A new TIP member was also unanimously accepted – ZF Staňkov s.r.o., which has been an associated partner in the past. This means TIP now has 16 members and many additional associated partners.

To conclude, TIP’s General Secretary, Pavel Duchek thanked everyone for taking part, and thanked the organisers for how it was run. ‘We really look forward to our next meeting, which will be held under the auspices of Konplan, and will be focused in particular on the activities of companies of a non-manufacturing nature,’ noted Pavel Duchek in summary of the members’ joint discussion of the subsequent meeting of TIP members and partners.

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