Exploring Startup Environment in Pilsen

TIP members visited the premises of SIT Port, Centre of Robotics and SIT Garage and SIT Drones.

After a guided tour around these facilities located in Cukrovarská 20 by the SIT Port Director Tomáš Cholínský we were introduced to two amazing startup projects: NEXTDROP and SED – Sound Event Detector

NextDrop deals with the ever-so-current issues concerning the lack of fresh drinking water we are already facing in some regions of our planet.  Nextdrop offers solutions for sustainable water management based on leaks detection, predictive maintenance, advance schedulers and edge computing.

SED saves lives, time, and energy using smart yet very simple and energy-efficient solutions to detect and immediately report suspicious sound events.

It was great to meet in person and get inspired after so many online sessions and workshops. Other chances to meet in person will be every second Wednesday each month for an evening informal TIP members and friends meeting and on April 28 when our next interesting technological company visit is planned.

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