WORKSHOP Modern methods of project and resource management

Where: Hotel Panorama, V Lomech 11, Plzeň 1, Plzeň, CZ, 32300

When: 17 March 2022, 08:00 to 17:00 and 31 March 2022, 08:00 to 17:00

Event-Link: HERE

TIP Plzeň in cooperation with Goldratt CZ has prepared a workshop Modern methods of project and resource management in multi-project and multi-resource environment. The workshop is a two-day event and will take place on 17 and 31 March at the Panorama Hotel in Plzeň. You can either choose to attend only the basic workshop on managing single projects (17.3.2022) or you can also sign up for the second workshop on multi-project management (31.3.2022).

At the workshop you will learn about the most effective method of project planning and management today, which is used worldwide especially in multi-project and multi-resource management, where it brings very dramatic improvements in results. Increasing on-time completion reliability above 95% while reducing project duration or increasing project capacity by 30-50% are just some of the benefits.

Workshop Program:

The first day (17.3.2022) is dedicated to the planning of stand-alone projects and the second day (31.3.2022) is mainly dedicated to the differences in the practical application of the Critical Chain in a multi-project environment.

A brief overview of the topics discussed:

Why are most projects late or not meeting all requirements or over budget? Causes and solutions.
Determining the length of each project activity.
Defining the Critical Project Chain, calculating and inserting time buffers.
Practical management of project execution using time buffer consumption (Buffer Management).
Basic organizational conflict in multiple concurrently running projects and its resolution.
Scheduling of overloaded resources.
The concept of synchronization resource.
Management of programs or portfolio of projects.
Software tools for project management using the Critical Chain method and their use.
Registration and detailed information about the workshop can be found HERE

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