TIP management has been changed

Stephan Kronmüller, Managing Director and co-owner of EUROSOFTWARE, a member of the GK SOFTWARE Group, was elected as a new member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors subsequently elected Dr. Ing. Mathias Eickhoff, Managing Director of ZF Engineering, Plzeň, to become the new Chairman of the Board. Mathias Eickhoff thereby replace Martin Kořínek, who resigned from the Board of Directors last month due to his involvement with Grammer’s headquarters in Germany. We wish all of them success in their new roles.

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Next general meeting of TIP at the ZČU-NTC

Next general meeting of Technological Initiative Pilsen will be held on 4th. June 2019 at the University of West Bohemia, in the building Scientific park Pilsen, Teslova 5, NTC orange building C1, Pilsen – Bory fields.

On the agenda will be the presentation of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, especially the NTC – New Technologies Research Centre, approval of the TIP Annual Report for 2018, the permission of a new member of the TIP Board after the resignation of President Martin Kořínek. Martin Kořínek resigned from the Board of Directors in May 2019 because of his workload in Germany. Stephan Kronmüller, Managing Director and Co-Owner of Eurosoftware, announced his candidacy for the Board of Directors. Furthermore, a presentation of data analyzes in practice, presentation of subsidy opportunities for companies within ITI Plzeň will be on the agenda, the current and future cooperation with the non-profit company nvias.org will be evaluated. Further, the broader strategy of the TIP Board for 2019/2020 will be discussed. We invite all members, associate partners. If it is not possible to take part by a statutory representative, we ask for the participation of a representative of a member company on the basis of a power of attorney.

See attached invitation with a planed programme:


Annual report is here:

TIP_Annual Report_2018_V1.5_en

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Update! Lecture Self-Driving Laws? – Rule of Law Problems and the Machine Regulation

We would like invite you to exclusive open lecture focused to “Self-Driving Laws? – Rule of Law Problems and the Machine Regulation”. This lecture will be organised with support of  Technological Initiative Pilsen.

Date: 19.th February 2019, 18:00 Sady pětatřicátníků 14, Fakulta Právnická ZČU, Plzeň, room PC 124

Name: Self-Driving Laws? – Rule of Law Problems and the Machine Regulation

The spectre of artificial intelligence over the rule of law is readily apparent in proposals for “self-driving laws”: the idea that we might regulate society by machine. Some academics have posited an approaching “legal singularity”, in which legal knowledge becomes a complete data set and uncertainty is rendered obsolete.

This perspective, she argues, misses an important point by assuming machines can necessarily outperform humans, without first questioning what such performance entails and whether machines can meaningfully be said to participate in the activities of interpreting and applying the law. Nor have these scholars asked what ideals we truly value in our legal system and what those ideals mean from a human standpoint.

In this talk, she focuses on how the rule of law is made vulnerable by technological innovations that take power previously delegated to administrative decision-makers and reassign that power to machines.

She argues that we need to interrogate the potential impacts of artificial intelligence innovations in the legal process, since their application and wide-ranging impacts might erode certain fundamental ideals.

Lecturer: Katie Szilagyi is a doctoral candidate and part-time professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. She holds a JD with joint specializations in technology law and international law (uOttawa), an LLM in law & technology (Tel Aviv University), and an engineering degree (University of Manitoba). She teaches contract law and lectures on technology law issues. Her doctoral work focuses on the rule of law problems created by machine learning algorithms, predictive analytics, and the fact that people are constantly staring at their smartphones. Her most recent publication is entitled “A Bundle of Blockchains? Digitally Disrupting Property Law.”

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“Future Factory 2018/2019” videos are here

Technological Initiative Pilsen supports workshops and competition named FUTURE FACTORY focused for childern managed by nvias.org. This activity open up the potential of Minecraft for learning technical skills:

  • using 3D coordinates for orientation
  • creating logic circuits using Redstone
  • programming and automation using a Command block

See videos from developed by small designers and programmers. Like it, if you want to support any young team, please.

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220.000 CZK for support of technical education

Pilsen – Technological Initiative Pilsen, interest association of legal entities, where are connected a number of leading companies from Pilsen Region, supports children’s interest for technical education. This association spent during 2017 and 2018 in total more than 220 thousands crowns for this target. The funds were directed to schools in the Pilsen region. Other financial support of technical education are issued by individual firms, which are trying to support the young generation’s interest in technology, craft and information technology. More and more young people perceive that “Useful trade pays dividends!”.

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Industry Meeting Mechatronics | Automation | Electronics | Metal | Plastics

Developing markets together – getting to know new suppliers, customers and partners – start-ups meet established companies – maintaining value streams within the region.

The industry meeting, organized by the Bezirk Oberpfalz and the Cluster Mechatronik & Automation, is the free-of-charge, compact platform of and for manufacturers, suppliers and engineering services providers in the fields of automation, mechatronics, electronics, metal and plastics. The table-top exhibition keeps the effort for the companies low. The focus is not a “trade-show like appearance”, but the intensive conversation with the companies next door. Attention please: The number of positions is limited!

Visitors – also from other industries – are more than welcome!

Every exhibitor will be provided with a table (some 70 cm wide) for exhibits, flyers and brochures. A rollup can be placed behind it.

When: Thursday, November 29, 2018
14:00 to 17:00 (setup possible from 13:00)

Where: University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Library of the University
Univerzitní 2746/20, CZ-301 00 Pilsen

Parking Handout: Technická 8, CZ-301 00 Pilsen (between NTIS and library)

Contact details and core competencies of the exhibiting companies (created by the Cluster Mechatronik & Automation) will be e-mailed to every registered exhibitor and visitor before the event.

Application GB: 20181129_Flyer_BT_Pilsen_GB

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MBtech Bohemia, member of France’s AKKA Group, today launches operations at its new plant in Plzeň.

Our manufacturing and development facilities are an important investment in our region’s industrial development, with a total value of 51 million crowns and spread over an area of 1800 m2. Jigs for manual prototype welding and robotic welding for mass production, control and measurement jigs and welded and precisely machined components for the engineering industry are manufactured and assembled in one part of the new plant. 5-axis machining, 3D measuring and laser-scanning are mainly used for this production process. In the second part of the new plant, premium brand vehicles are subjected to long-term testing.

The decision to build the hall, resulting from our new prototype centre strategy, was made in 2016. Amongst the key needs the construction deals with are achieving a higher confidentiality level in modelling projects based on ISO 27001 certification and the production of large prototype injection moulding tools and plastic parts for the automotive industry. A new ENGEL duo 1500 injection moulding machine was purchased for this purpose, with a clamping force of 1500 tons which allows for the production of complex plastic parts of up to 4 kg in weight.

Jigs for manual prototype welding and robotic welding for mass production, control and measurement jigs and welded and precisely machined components for the engineering industry are manufactured and assembled in one part of the new plant. 5-axis machining, 3D measuring and laser-scanning are mainly used for this production process. In the second part of the new plant, premium brand vehicles are subjected to long-term testing.

“The long-term vehicle testing we do is unique in the Czech Republic. We anticipate our competitiveness shall further increase and our order volume will also increase as a result of launching operations in our new plant. We decided to expand our plant and purchase new equipment because we had previously had to reject some orders for capacity reasons, or because our equipment was not sufficient. By expanding our plant and purchasing new equipment, this won’t happen anymore and we will be able to serve more customers to a greater degree. MBtech Bohemia is currently undergoing a process of full integration within AKKA Technologies, at the end of which our name will also change to AKKA. This step allows for easier and quicker collaboration across the AKKA Group. As a result, our customers will be able to take advantage of an even better and wider portfolio of services and competencies. Thus the continuous development of our technology facilities is an important component in our overall strategy,” says Martin Novotný, Chief Operating Officer at MBtech Bohemia.

The construction itself, secured by Plzeň company ABK Trust, took place from mid-November 2017 until mid-July 2018 and included repairs to current halls. The construction, supported by reinforced concrete piles, is made from steel profiles, 136 tons of which were used during construction. Great emphasis was placed on energy saving measures by insulating the hall using PUR sandwich panels and using insulated polystyrene in the roof covering, minimising waste and reducing environmental pollution, and also ensuring an excellent working environment. The premises are equipped with new kitchenettes which employees can also use for relaxation, and a small gazebo has been erected at the entrance to the site as a place to take a seat in the fresh air. Transport opportunities for our employees are of the highest possible level.

The number of employees in our new plant will vary depending on the number of vehicles being tested in the second part of the hall; currently there are 45 people working there. This expansion of our operations means new jobs have also been created, and applicants can find these on our website, https://mbtech.jobs.cz/. We are mainly recruiting metalworkers and welders, as well as assembly and testing workers, production preparation and project management roles, and also experienced drivers. “Our employees can enjoy a large number of benefits through our benefit cafeteria, and can achieve a wide range of bonuses – for performance, for recommending new colleagues, or in line with how long they have worked in the company. Everyone can enjoy 5 weeks of holiday, and we organise a wide range of employee events, both during working hours and outside working hours. Some examples are activities focused on health or family and children, our summer party here at the manufacturing site, and our Christmas party. I think the greatest benefit, however, is the atmosphere and the team who work here, and the professional work that all employees of our company perform,”says MBtech Bohemia HR Manager, Petra Suchá.

Within the Plzeň Region, MBtech Bohemia also co-operates closely with the German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Plzeň, the BIC Plzeň Business and Innovation Centre, and a number of educational institutions. These include in particular the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň, the Czech Technical University and many secondary schools in the region. “Some of the support we provide includes support for the teaching of foreign languages especially German, we organise excursions and various other meetings with students, and we are involved in developing the region. Alongside expanding MBtech branches to other regions, we expect to develop our co-operation with the Technical University in Liberec, and other institutions,”adds Martin Novotný.

About MBtech

MBtech is the largest engineering company in the Czech Republic. With a total capacity of over 500 experts, we have supported our customers from around the world from first sketches, concept, construction, calculations and testing to the production of prototype parts for 22 years. MBtech is part of the AKKA Technologies Group, which employs 15 500 engineers and consultants at 70 branches in over 20 countries around the world.

More at www.mbtech.cz, www.akka-technologies.com

Technologické centrum MBtech Bohemia Plzeň – člena skupiny AKKA

Nova Hala AKKA v Plzni

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IV. Bavarian-Czech SME Congress in Pilsen

After a successful event in 2017 in Grafenau, Cluster Mechatronik & Automation Management GmbH organise IV. Bavarian-Czech SME Congress in Pilsen. Come and see! Invitation and application is here.

Cluster Mechatronik & Automation is a Bavarian network for the exchange of technological and organizational know-how in the field of mechatronics and automation. It serves as a platform for collaboration, networking and skills of actors in iterdisciplinary and industry-relevant areas, bringing together companies, research institutions and public institutions.

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TIP General Secretary at Whitford Corporation presentation

Pavel Duchek, TIP General Secretary, accepted the invitation received from the Embassy of the USA in the Czech Republic, Whitford Corporation and the University of West Bohemia (Západočeská univerzita v Plzni – ZČU) and took part in a gala reception on 10 April 2018 for the occasion of Whitford Corporation entering the Czech market.

The reception took place at the Ambassador’s residence in Prague and also involved a technical presentation of Whitford Corporation’s competencies in altering the friction characteristics of surfaces. The presentation was made by Mr Valer Chrenko from Whitford Corporation – Central Europe. ZČU representative, Mr Petr Kavalír, head of ZČU’s New Technologies Research Centre stated that ZČU had begun collaboration with Whitford Corporation in the field of applying specific structures to base materials.

The USA Ambassador in the Czech Republic, Mr Stephen B King, who opened the reception, stressed amongst other matters that he was focused on supporting mutual trade and learning about companies from the Czech Republic and USA.

Following the presentation, Pavel Duchek held a discussion with Whitford Corporation representatives, and invited them to some of TIP’s upcoming meetings where they could present their technical capabilities and experience, and invited them to co-operate more closely with us.

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First TIP General meeting in 2018

On 21 March 2018 was held the first TIP General meeting in 2018, this time in EvoBus Česká republika in Holýšov, where are produced components for buses from the Mercedes group. Director of the factory, Mr. Volkan Tutal presented to the participants a very interesting manufacturing facilities of the company.

During the meeting were approved financial results 2017, evaluated activities in last year and were planned activities for this year.

The next General meeting will take place at ZF Staňkov.


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