WORKSHOP Modern methods of project and resource management

Where: Hotel Panorama, V Lomech 11, Plzeň 1, Plzeň, CZ, 32300

When: 17 March 2022, 08:00 to 17:00 and 31 March 2022, 08:00 to 17:00

Event-Link: HERE

TIP Plzeň in cooperation with Goldratt CZ has prepared a workshop Modern methods of project and resource management in multi-project and multi-resource environment. The workshop is a two-day event and will take place on 17 and 31 March at the Panorama Hotel in Plzeň. You can either choose to attend only the basic workshop on managing single projects (17.3.2022) or you can also sign up for the second workshop on multi-project management (31.3.2022).

At the workshop you will learn about the most effective method of project planning and management today, which is used worldwide especially in multi-project and multi-resource management, where it brings very dramatic improvements in results. Increasing on-time completion reliability above 95% while reducing project duration or increasing project capacity by 30-50% are just some of the benefits.

Workshop Program:

The first day (17.3.2022) is dedicated to the planning of stand-alone projects and the second day (31.3.2022) is mainly dedicated to the differences in the practical application of the Critical Chain in a multi-project environment.

A brief overview of the topics discussed:

Why are most projects late or not meeting all requirements or over budget? Causes and solutions.
Determining the length of each project activity.
Defining the Critical Project Chain, calculating and inserting time buffers.
Practical management of project execution using time buffer consumption (Buffer Management).
Basic organizational conflict in multiple concurrently running projects and its resolution.
Scheduling of overloaded resources.
The concept of synchronization resource.
Management of programs or portfolio of projects.
Software tools for project management using the Critical Chain method and their use.
Registration and detailed information about the workshop can be found HERE

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A look back at a meeting of TIP members in Eurosoftware s.r.o.

Another traditional face-to-face meeting of TIP members took place in mid-October. This time, we welcomed them in Eurosoftware s.r.o., whose owner is the Chairman of the TIP organisation, Mr. Stephan Kronmüller.

Eurosoftware s.r.o. was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of GK Software SE, and during its operation it has built a reputation as one of the leading IT companies in the Plzeň Region. It deals with the development of applications for international retail chains around the world. At the same time, it devotes itself to the research of new technologies, which it then uses to develop innovative IT solutions.

The company is based in the beautiful premises of Kalikovský mlýn in the centre of Plzeň, which in addition to offices also houses a large sport centre, including squash courts, which is designated for the company’s employees’ sports activities, and in which the TIP members’ meeting also took place.

Representatives of participating companies first had the opportunity to find out something about the history of Eurosoftware s.r.o., its current activities and future plans. They also familiarised themselves with some specific results of the work of the student laboratory, in which the company gives students the opportunity to gain their first practical experience in software solution development; last but not least, they had the chance to try to control drones prepared by drone enthusiasts from the ranks of the company’s employees. An interesting novelty was a presentation of hydrogen-powered cars, one of the many activities of the non-profit organisation Nvias, whose operation TIP has long financially supported.

The pleasant event was accompanied by a banquet, and culminated in a collective dinner in the Kalikovský mlýn restaurant.

We’re already looking forward to the next face-to-face meeting in other companies associated within the TIP organisation, and we wish all members a successful start to the new year!





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Czech Space Week – Slides

The Slides from the Czech Space Week please find here: Link

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Space for Clusters on 11th November 2021

We would like to invite you to a “Space for Clusters”, which will take place on 11 November 2021 at 11 a.m. at the Passage Hotel in Brno as part of the Central Europe Industry Day and Czech Space Week 2021.

The 4th edition of the Czech Space Week 2021 space festival is coming up after one year, and this year’s Industrial Day is part of it. This time it will take place physically on 11/11/2021 in Brno at the Passage Hotel. And this year it will be a big event with an international dimension. During the conference you will be able to meet ESA representatives, national delegates or take part in practical workshops. At the same time, the conference will also include an international brokerage, during which you can meet representatives of companies from the space and non-space sector not only from the Czech Republic, but also from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

Our goal is not only to foster new business partnerships between space companies from the V4 countries, but we also want to use the event as a platform for cooperation within the entire space ecosystem.  The event will not only be attended by representatives of companies in the space sector, but you will have the opportunity to meet:

  • B2B – with representatives of space and non-space innovative companies
  • B2R&D – with representatives of the scientific community – we want to promote collaboration between industry and science
  • B2S – with students – the program includes a job fair
  • B2D – with the Czech delegation to ESA and other space program

The program also includes a rich accompanying program and a company fair and we will be glad for your active participation.

Please register as soon as possible on the website, where you will be able to book appointments with other companies and find out news about the program. This is the biggest event we are organizing in the country this year and we hope you will not miss it.

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Invitation to a TIP Members´meeting in Kalikovský mlýn

I would like to invite you to a meeting of TIP members taking place on 14 October 2021 at Eurosoftware s.r.o. in Kalikovsky mlýn. Eurosoftware wants to lead by example, and I would very much like it to be a stimulus to revive the TIP tradition.

What’s on the program:

  • arrival no later than 16:50, Kalikovský mlýn
  • brief tour through the company premises, presentation of drones and projects in VR / AR / AI
  • time for discussion
  • barbecue in the restaurant / garden from 19:00 (to be specified depending on the weather)

I look forward to meeting you,

Stephan Kronmüller

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Tour of NTC laboratories and presentation of a new solution for non-destructive testing (NDT) of spot welds


We invite you to an accompanying event prepared by our associated partner NTC Research Center – University of West Bohemia as part of the Innovation Week.

A tour of the NTC laboratories and a presentation of a new solution for non-destructive testing (NDT) of spot welds will take place on 14 October 2021 at 14: 00-19: 00.

14:00-15:00 presentation
15:00-16:00 tour through the NTC center

Lecturer: prof. Ing. Milan Honner, Ph.D, NTC Research Center – University of West Bohemia

A tour of selected NTC laboratories and a presentation of a new solution for non-destructive testing (NDT) of spot welds – LabIR Spot WELD. The NTC research centre has used more than 20 years of experience in the field of infrared technologies and, in close cooperation with Chropyňské strojírna, will present a new original solution based on a combination of proven procedures and the latest scientific knowledge. This testing is different from other NDT methods in that it characterizes the weld in terms of heat conduction, considering the homogeneity of the material and the thermal resistances of the interface. It also reflects the unique characteristics of the weld, such as dissipated heat and optical-thermal trace. The main advantages of the solution are short measuring times, the need to access the part from one side only and contactless inspection. This innovative solution is designed primarily for output control in industrial production, such as automotive.

You can find more detailed information here: Prohlídka laboratoří NTC

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Invitation to the 2nd annual Intelligent Specialization Region 2021 Conference

We are pleased to invite you to the 2nd annual Intelligent Specialization Region 2021 Conference, which will be held in Parkhotel Plzeň on 21st October 2021. The Conference is organized by the Pilsen Region in cooperation with the Regional Development Agency of the Pilsen Region, o.p.s. within the framework of the Smart Accelerator project of the Pilsen Region II.

TIP supports this Conference and we highly recommend that you participate in this event. It is a great opportunity to meet and discuss with representatives of the management of the Pilsen Region, the city of Pilsen, technology companies, universities, and research organizations, who will jointly look for ways to promote education and an environment for cooperation in research, development, and innovation, i.e., essential prerequisites for the successful future of the Pilsen Region.

The conference will also include meetings of regional industry innovation platforms in which participants can participate. The platforms are focused on topics of new materials, intelligent production systems, smart mobility, and biomedicine, and technology in health care.

The Conference will be interpreted.

For your participation please use the  REGISTRATION FORM



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Using Artificial Intelligence in Industry

Using Artificial Intelligence in Industry

TIP member organisations met up after another year on 24 March 2021 to take part in an online talk on the topic of Artificial Intelligence in Industry.

The talk was organised at the instigation of TIP Chairman of the Board, Mr Stephan Kronmüller, and TIP’s former and current Honorary Chairman of the Board, Mr Johannes Heidecker, who currently works in Macedonia as an advisor to the Macedonian Prime Minister on economic development.

The topic of the talk was Using Artificial Intelligence to Identify Welding Quality and Create a Data Model for Welding. The talk was led by Mr Ivan Vishev, a doctoral student in Data Analysis and Process Development, who works for Daimler AG.

In his doctoral studies, Ivan Vishev focuses on developing algorithms to analyse industrial processes in mass production, assess the repeatability and reproducibility of processes, and digitalisation in manufacturing.

Artificial intelligence helps to automate, accelerate and refine human perception, reasoning and decision-making, and greater efficiency and quality can be achieved by incorporating it into the manufacturing process.

All those who took part were very impressed by the chosen topic and contents of the talk, and the manufacturers amongst TIP members in particular expressed great interest in the technology discussed, something confirmed following the end of the talk, which triggered a lively debate amongst those participating.

We are very glad that we were able again to shine light on another fascinating topic which can be put to use by companies in the Plzeň Region, who can in future apply the findings presented in practice.

We would here like to thank the TIP Chairman, Mr Stephan Kronmüller and Honorary Chairman, Mr Johannes Heidecker, for this truly fascinating talk, of benefit to all TIP members, and we look forward to our next meeting. Ivan Vishev

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TIP has (old) new management

Despite the ongoing non-standard situation in companies, but also in everyday life, 17 member companies Technological Initiative Pilsen, z.s.p.o. they chose their new management by correspondence. This was because at the end of 2020 the mandate of most members of the current Board of Directors of TIP expired. The current chairman, Dr. Mathias Eickhoff, is leaving the management of TIP. Mathias Eickhoff, managing director of ZF Engineering Plzeň s.r.o. is fully dedicated to the rapidly developing technology center of ZF in Pilsen. Johannes Hafner, a long-time member of TIP, managing director in Konplan s.r.o., which is developing a new technological center in the field of beverage technology in Pilsen, is also leaving TIP’s management. Mr. Hafner was assigned new tasks at the headquarters of the parent company Krones AG in Germany.

TIP is newly led by Mr. Stephan Kronmueller, co-owner, and CEO of SW of the company Eurosoftware s.r.o., which deals with the development of applications for international retail chains, Dr. Karel Luňáček, co-owner and CEO of SW of the company MECAS ESI s.r.o. operating in the field of virtual prototyping and physical-mechanical SW systems, and Pavel Majer, co-owner and CEO of Goldratt CZ s.r.o. operating in the field of improving and increasing the profitability of companies. All three current members of the board were members of previous board. At the first post-election meeting of the new TIP Board of Directors, Mr. Kronmueller was elected Chairman of TIP and Dr. Luňáček as deputy chairman.

Let us wish the old-new leadership of TIP a firm hand at the helm of the organization in difficult times. Let us also thank the former chairman and vice-chairman for their efforts and care for the activities in the Technological Initiative Pilsen for many years.

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