TIP meeting in Rodenstock

On November 5, 2019, the planned meeting of TIP in Klatovy was held at Rodenstock. Rodenstock met 23 directors of major companies in the Pilsen region. The meeting aimed to invite representatives of public administration and companies from the Klatovy region to the existing members of TIP and share their experiences. The program included a presentation of the Rodenstock group, their production program, and products produced in Klatovy. The presentation, including a tour of the fully automated production of high-quality spectacle lenses in Klatovy, was led by both Managing Directors of Rodenstock – Mr. Dimbath and Mr. Nováček.

Deputy Mayor of Klatovy Croust gave a presentation of the town of Klatovy, including an interesting historical excursion. The present TIP Chairman, Mr. Eickhoff, together with the Secretary-General of TIP Duchek informed about the aims and activities of TIP.

At the end of the meeting Pavel König (nvias.org) spoke about the seminars, courses, and competitions organized by his organization for school youth in the spirit of active support of technical education. After the presentation of the achieved results, Mr. Köenig received well-deserved applause. Finally, Mr. Köenig would like to thank the TIP member firms for the long-term support they have given to nvias.org over the long term and expressed his conviction that the mutual support and cooperation of TIP and nvias.org will continue to develop successfully in the future.

The end of the evening included a guided tour of the Klatovy catacombs and the informal dinner of participants at the famous Klatovy Ennius restaurant.

We would like to thank everyone on behalf of the TIP Board for their participation, organization of the joint meeting and we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.


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Next TIP meeting on 5th November in Rodenstock Klatovy

Next meeting of Technological Initiative Pilsen will be held on 5th. November 2019 at the Rodenstock ČR s.r.o., Dr. Sedláka 841/3, Klatovy at 4:00 PM.

On the agenda will be the presentation of the Rodenstock group, especially factory located in Klatovy, producing dioptric lenses. Presentation of the Rodenstock will be presented by Mr. Vaclav Novacek, CEO of the firm. On the programme is also visit to the Rodenstock production plant. The next programme is focused to the networking. TIP board invited local firms from Klatovy region and the deputies of the City of Katovy for common discussion about common problems and potential colaboration fields. That is why a presentations of TIP activities, City of Klatovy strategy, and nvias.org experiences with technical education are on the programme of kids and young people, too. After oficial programme will be common dinner in Klatovy.

We woul like invite members, asociated partners and new potential members to the meeting.

See the programme here:


Please register by email here: vojtech.bistry@gmail.com

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Informal meetup for schools and companies with the project day Naše firmy

Nvias.org would like to invite you to Informal meetup for schools and companies with the project day Naše firmy.

It’s a unique opportunity to personally experience what is the project day about and how it to develops skills for the 21st century.
Naše firmy is an educational program for entrepreneurship, these are the key competencies for entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs.

The meeting will take place at SIT Port in Cukrovarská 20, Plzeň, on November 26 from 16:00 to 20:00 .
– discussion about cooperation between schools and companies
– the game Naše firmy/Our companies itself
– evening banquet

There will be career advisors and teachers from elementary and high schools, representatives from city of Pilsen and guests from partner companies.
Registration is here.

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2nd International Symposium on Future Mobility Safety

Director of  the New Technologies – Research Centre from University Of West Bohemia Mr. Petr Kavalíř, would like to invite TIP members and others who might be interested to attend the 2nd International Symposium on Future Mobility Safety that will take place in Pilsen from 17 – 18 October 2019. This event is organised jointly by the University of West Bohemia,  Tianjin University of Science and Technology, South China University of Technology and the Czech Society of Biomechanics. During the Symposium will be discussed topics like automotive integrated safety, virtual human body modeling, safety systems development and optimization.

Due to the effort of organizers the participation will be free of charge and I believe that Park Hotel Pilsen is a good place to spend some time networking with leaders on future mobility safety from all around the world.

Detail in the attached file:


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Poll Sodexo the Employer of the year

May 30th took place a results announcement of the poll “Sodexo the Employer of the year 2019”. The poll evaluated the provided motivation for employees, investments to an education, economic indicators and results. This year the poll put insistence to a digitisation and an automation. Among the competitors, 3 member companies of the Technology Initiative Pilsen broke into. In a category to 5000 employees, MBtech Bohemia s.r.o. has won on the second place, in the category to 500 employees has triumphed ZF Engineering Plzeň, s.r.o., and the third place has taken Konplan, s.r.o. We congratulate to our members for the results and believe that they will succeed in the coming years.

Source (in Czech): https://strakonicky.denik.cz/zpravy_region/zname-zamestnavatele-roku-2019-20190601.html
Pool pages (in Czech): https://zamestnavatelroku.klubzamestnavatelu.cz/


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TIP management has been changed

Stephan Kronmüller, Managing Director and co-owner of EUROSOFTWARE, a member of the GK SOFTWARE Group, was elected as a new member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors subsequently elected Dr. Ing. Mathias Eickhoff, Managing Director of ZF Engineering, Plzeň, to become the new Chairman of the Board. Mathias Eickhoff thereby replace Martin Kořínek, who resigned from the Board of Directors last month due to his involvement with Grammer’s headquarters in Germany. We wish all of them success in their new roles.

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Next general meeting of TIP at the ZČU-NTC

Next general meeting of Technological Initiative Pilsen will be held on 4th. June 2019 at the University of West Bohemia, in the building Scientific park Pilsen, Teslova 5, NTC orange building C1, Pilsen – Bory fields.

On the agenda will be the presentation of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, especially the NTC – New Technologies Research Centre, approval of the TIP Annual Report for 2018, the permission of a new member of the TIP Board after the resignation of President Martin Kořínek. Martin Kořínek resigned from the Board of Directors in May 2019 because of his workload in Germany. Stephan Kronmüller, Managing Director and Co-Owner of Eurosoftware, announced his candidacy for the Board of Directors. Furthermore, a presentation of data analyzes in practice, presentation of subsidy opportunities for companies within ITI Plzeň will be on the agenda, the current and future cooperation with the non-profit company nvias.org will be evaluated. Further, the broader strategy of the TIP Board for 2019/2020 will be discussed. We invite all members, associate partners. If it is not possible to take part by a statutory representative, we ask for the participation of a representative of a member company on the basis of a power of attorney.

See attached invitation with a planed programme:


Annual report is here:

TIP_Annual Report_2018_V1.5_en

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Update! Lecture Self-Driving Laws? – Rule of Law Problems and the Machine Regulation

We would like invite you to exclusive open lecture focused to “Self-Driving Laws? – Rule of Law Problems and the Machine Regulation”. This lecture will be organised with support of  Technological Initiative Pilsen.

Date: 19.th February 2019, 18:00 Sady pětatřicátníků 14, Fakulta Právnická ZČU, Plzeň, room PC 124

Name: Self-Driving Laws? – Rule of Law Problems and the Machine Regulation

The spectre of artificial intelligence over the rule of law is readily apparent in proposals for “self-driving laws”: the idea that we might regulate society by machine. Some academics have posited an approaching “legal singularity”, in which legal knowledge becomes a complete data set and uncertainty is rendered obsolete.

This perspective, she argues, misses an important point by assuming machines can necessarily outperform humans, without first questioning what such performance entails and whether machines can meaningfully be said to participate in the activities of interpreting and applying the law. Nor have these scholars asked what ideals we truly value in our legal system and what those ideals mean from a human standpoint.

In this talk, she focuses on how the rule of law is made vulnerable by technological innovations that take power previously delegated to administrative decision-makers and reassign that power to machines.

She argues that we need to interrogate the potential impacts of artificial intelligence innovations in the legal process, since their application and wide-ranging impacts might erode certain fundamental ideals.

Lecturer: Katie Szilagyi is a doctoral candidate and part-time professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. She holds a JD with joint specializations in technology law and international law (uOttawa), an LLM in law & technology (Tel Aviv University), and an engineering degree (University of Manitoba). She teaches contract law and lectures on technology law issues. Her doctoral work focuses on the rule of law problems created by machine learning algorithms, predictive analytics, and the fact that people are constantly staring at their smartphones. Her most recent publication is entitled “A Bundle of Blockchains? Digitally Disrupting Property Law.”

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“Future Factory 2018/2019” videos are here

Technological Initiative Pilsen supports workshops and competition named FUTURE FACTORY focused for childern managed by nvias.org. This activity open up the potential of Minecraft for learning technical skills:

  • using 3D coordinates for orientation
  • creating logic circuits using Redstone
  • programming and automation using a Command block

See videos from developed by small designers and programmers. Like it, if you want to support any young team, please.

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220.000 CZK for support of technical education

Pilsen – Technological Initiative Pilsen, interest association of legal entities, where are connected a number of leading companies from Pilsen Region, supports children’s interest for technical education. This association spent during 2017 and 2018 in total more than 220 thousands crowns for this target. The funds were directed to schools in the Pilsen region. Other financial support of technical education are issued by individual firms, which are trying to support the young generation’s interest in technology, craft and information technology. More and more young people perceive that “Useful trade pays dividends!”.

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