TIP General Secretary at Whitford Corporation presentation

Pavel Duchek, TIP General Secretary, accepted the invitation received from the Embassy of the USA in the Czech Republic, Whitford Corporation and the University of West Bohemia (Západočeská univerzita v Plzni – ZČU) and took part in a gala reception on 10 April 2018 for the occasion of Whitford Corporation entering the Czech market.

The reception took place at the Ambassador’s residence in Prague and also involved a technical presentation of Whitford Corporation’s competencies in altering the friction characteristics of surfaces. The presentation was made by Mr Valer Chrenko from Whitford Corporation – Central Europe. ZČU representative, Mr Petr Kavalír, head of ZČU’s New Technologies Research Centre stated that ZČU had begun collaboration with Whitford Corporation in the field of applying specific structures to base materials.

The USA Ambassador in the Czech Republic, Mr Stephen B King, who opened the reception, stressed amongst other matters that he was focused on supporting mutual trade and learning about companies from the Czech Republic and USA.

Following the presentation, Pavel Duchek held a discussion with Whitford Corporation representatives, and invited them to some of TIP’s upcoming meetings where they could present their technical capabilities and experience, and invited them to co-operate more closely with us.

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First TIP General meeting in 2018

On 21 March 2018 was held the first TIP General meeting in 2018, this time in EvoBus Česká republika in Holýšov, where are produced components for buses from the Mercedes group. Director of the factory, Mr. Volkan Tutal presented to the participants a very interesting manufacturing facilities of the company.

During the meeting were approved financial results 2017, evaluated activities in last year and were planned activities for this year.

The next General meeting will take place at ZF Staňkov.


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14.2.2018 TIP Board meeting and informal meeting of members will take place

Venue – Kozlovna Doubravka. The informal meeting begins at 19:00

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Future Factory Competition results

Yesterday, a ceremonial evaluation and award ceremony took place in the Kulturka University of West Bohemia premises within the Future factory competition. The competition was focused on turning gaming time into learning time and using Minecraft for tech education. We are very pleased with the work of all participants.

During competition was working with 160 students on 8 workshops in 4 cities. To the competition was registered 45 students in 20 teams from 5 cities. Final submission was deliverd by 20 students organised in 8 teams from 3 cities.

See detail results of the teams on nvias.org web pages!



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Competition Future factory in the finale

The TIP contributed to a series of presentations from teams and individuals within the “Factory of the Future” competition. Take a look at the work of young technicians who have been formed under the guidance of experts from nvias.org. The movie with the most likes wins.

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NVIAS educates & TIP supports

Yesterday, the last – third – the primary school children in the field of 3D modeling in the MINECRAFT environment took place. The training was organized by non-profit organization NVIAS in Tachov, Staňkov and Stod. More than 60 elementary school children attended teaching. They learned

  • orientation in 3D space using coordinates
  • logic circuits using REDSTONE
  • programming and automating with COMMAND_BLOCK

This training is followed by a competition called MINECRAFT FUTURE FACTORY.

The aim of this competition is to motivate children to use the time spent in Minecraft, learning to learn new technical skills and showing how their vision of future factories is. Announcement of the results of the competition will take place in late January 2018.

More about the competition here.

Technolgical initiative Pilsen, z.s.p.o. supported this project with a sum of 155,000 CZK and became the general partner of the competition.


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TIP General Meeting in Kermi

On 17.10.2017, a TIP general meeting took place in the Kermi company. The attending participants were welcomed by the company executive heads Josef Majer and Petr Holeček. The initial presentation was followed by an interesting survey of extensive modern automated production of standard and design heating elements. The participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with manufacturing processes of the major manufacturer in the Region of Plzeň and to discuss everything together.

The agenda of this general assembly included interesting presentations on the issues of the possibility to use collaborating robots from the present manufacturing capacity of manufacturing plants to fill the gap due to the present lack of employees, led by Miroslav Šmíra from the Rob4Job company, and the presentation of Smart City Applications, given by CertiCon.

One of the conclusions of this TIP general assembly is to support the presented activities of the nvias (a non-profit organization) focused on the work with primary school students to develop their technical skills and to popularize engineering. In the following months, these activities will take place in several schools in the Region of Plzeň with the support of TIP.

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TIP General meeting in Streicher

The TIP General Meeting was held on 13 June in STREICHER, spol. s r.o.  All participants welcomed Mr. Jiří Lopata company executive. TIP members and partner had the opportunity to visit the production facilities of Streicher and learn more about the activities of this worldwide machinery company.

The main topics of this meeting was supporting of technical education, motivation of young students and promotion of technology, and cooperation with regional institutions, university and schools. Streicher company, which has long-term experience with events supported technical education, has presented own successful activities and inspire other colleagues.

Part of the program was an interesting presentation by Mr. Koenig from nvias company, focused on technical activities for children and students.

The next TIP General Meeting will take place in October at Kermi s.r.o., worldwide manufacturer of heating, cooling and shower enclosures.

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TIP visited Krones

On 19th-20th May visited TIP the Krones company in Neutraubling. The TIP members had the opportunity to look into the operation of one of the most important filling and packaging technology manufacturer that exports products to the whole world. Part of the program was also a very interesting presentation of Dr. Oesterecher, the head of Krones’ development, a meeting in the evening and a joint tour of the historic center of Regensburg the following day. Great thanks to Mr. J. Hafner, Konplan CEO and TIP vice-president, who organized the event.

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First General Meeting of TIP Members in 2017

TIP’s first General Meeting of 2017 took place at the premises of EUROSOFTWARE, s.r.o., which is one of the major software companies in the Pilsen Region. A total of 13 of the current 17 members took part in the General Meeting. Company executives Stephan Kronmueller and Petr Panoš welcomed all those present, while TIP members and partner had the opportunity to view at first hand the cutting edge software company’s facilities after the initial presentations. Stephan Boese of GK FutureLab’s presentation on groundbreaking technologies and their practical uses in the retail sector was particularly interesting. Over the course of the meeting, other topics were discussed, in particular in regard to the lack of qualified personnel and support for technical education in the region.

Deputy Chair of the Board, Mr Johannes Hafner, invited TIP members and partners to take part in a visit to Konplan’s parent company KRONES in Neutraubling. Here, TIP members will have a unique opportunity to view the operation and cutting edge technology in a company operating worldwide which develops and manufactures machinery and complete production lines in the bottling and packaging technology sector for the food industry in particular.

At the end of the meeting, TIP General Secretary, Mr Pavel Duchek, thanked everyone for taking part and the organisers for the smooth course of the whole event. The next TIP General Meeting will take place in June at STREICHER, spol. s r.o. Plzeň, involved in the construction and mechanical engineering of special equipment, pressure vessels and steel structures.

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