About us

The Technological Initiative Pilsen (hereinafter only the „TIP“) is a voluntary and independent association of legal persons operating within the territory of the Czech Republic and other states of the European Union, whose main subject matter of activities is cooperation in the area of research and development, mutual sharing of resources (namely HR, economic, technical and developmental), optimization of manufacturing, economic and trade conditions of its members and support of business.

The main objectives of the TIP shall be achieved namely by:

  • creation of an environment for cooperation of the Initiative’s members in the area of development, science and research,
  • creation of an environment for efficient sharing of the TIP members’ resources,
  • protection and enforcement of general and ethic interests of the TIP members,
  • support of the TIP members positive image creation,
  • support of the TIP members when maintaining and developing relationships abroad,
  • support of the TIP members’ behavior in conformity with usual business practice, fair competition and good manners,
  • joint projects implementation.

The subject matter of the TIP’s activities is namely:

  • provision of professional information, consulting, advisory services and standpoints to the members and non-members of the TIP, bodies of state administration and other professional institutes,
  • creation of conditions for gathering of publicly available professional information and data,
  • support and formulation of the joint justified interests of the TIP members,
  • organization of free ad hoc associations of TIP members and non-members for implementation of the subject-matter of TIP’s activities provided in the previous paragraphs.

Member firms achieved in 2022 total sales over 29 bil. CZK (1,18 bil. EUR) and employs more than 6.800 employees.