Daimler Buses Company Visit

Shortly after EvoBus Holýšov changed its name to Daimler Buses our members gathered for our summer company visit.

Gregor Czaika presented the latest developments in the plant and walked us through all the production halls and explained what exciting things we might be able to see next time we visit and of course the topics related to expanding the production such as recruitment strategy and processes were also discussed among our members as we all face similar challenges in the Pilsen region.

The visit to Daimler Buses Holýšov highlighted the impressive synergy between cutting-edge production techniques and traditional craftsmanship in the manufacturing of buses. The precision welding methods and innovative production processes were truly inspiring. We commend the company’s dedication to both quality and sustainability, and we look forward to witnessing further advancements in the world of bus manufacturing.

IP in Daimler Buses HolýšovDaimler Buses HolýšovTIP in Daimler Buses Holýšov

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