TIP has (old) new management

Despite the ongoing non-standard situation in companies, but also in everyday life, 17 member companies Technological Initiative Pilsen, z.s.p.o. they chose their new management by correspondence. This was because at the end of 2020 the mandate of most members of the current Board of Directors of TIP expired. The current chairman, Dr. Mathias Eickhoff, is leaving the management of TIP. Mathias Eickhoff, managing director of ZF Engineering Plzeň s.r.o. is fully dedicated to the rapidly developing technology center of ZF in Pilsen. Johannes Hafner, a long-time member of TIP, managing director in Konplan s.r.o., which is developing a new technological center in the field of beverage technology in Pilsen, is also leaving TIP’s management. Mr. Hafner was assigned new tasks at the headquarters of the parent company Krones AG in Germany.

TIP is newly led by Mr. Stephan Kronmueller, co-owner, and CEO of SW of the company Eurosoftware s.r.o., which deals with the development of applications for international retail chains, Dr. Karel Luňáček, co-owner and CEO of SW of the company MECAS ESI s.r.o. operating in the field of virtual prototyping and physical-mechanical SW systems, and Pavel Majer, co-owner and CEO of Goldratt CZ s.r.o. operating in the field of improving and increasing the profitability of companies. All three current members of the board were members of previous board. At the first post-election meeting of the new TIP Board of Directors, Mr. Kronmueller was elected Chairman of TIP and Dr. Luňáček as deputy chairman.

Let us wish the old-new leadership of TIP a firm hand at the helm of the organization in difficult times. Let us also thank the former chairman and vice-chairman for their efforts and care for the activities in the Technological Initiative Pilsen for many years.

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