Using Artificial Intelligence in Industry

Using Artificial Intelligence in Industry

TIP member organisations met up after another year on 24 March 2021 to take part in an online talk on the topic of Artificial Intelligence in Industry.

The talk was organised at the instigation of TIP Chairman of the Board, Mr Stephan Kronmüller, and TIP’s former and current Honorary Chairman of the Board, Mr Johannes Heidecker, who currently works in Macedonia as an advisor to the Macedonian Prime Minister on economic development.

The topic of the talk was Using Artificial Intelligence to Identify Welding Quality and Create a Data Model for Welding. The talk was led by Mr Ivan Vishev, a doctoral student in Data Analysis and Process Development, who works for Daimler AG.

In his doctoral studies, Ivan Vishev focuses on developing algorithms to analyse industrial processes in mass production, assess the repeatability and reproducibility of processes, and digitalisation in manufacturing.

Artificial intelligence helps to automate, accelerate and refine human perception, reasoning and decision-making, and greater efficiency and quality can be achieved by incorporating it into the manufacturing process.

All those who took part were very impressed by the chosen topic and contents of the talk, and the manufacturers amongst TIP members in particular expressed great interest in the technology discussed, something confirmed following the end of the talk, which triggered a lively debate amongst those participating.

We are very glad that we were able again to shine light on another fascinating topic which can be put to use by companies in the Plzeň Region, who can in future apply the findings presented in practice.

We would here like to thank the TIP Chairman, Mr Stephan Kronmüller and Honorary Chairman, Mr Johannes Heidecker, for this truly fascinating talk, of benefit to all TIP members, and we look forward to our next meeting. Ivan Vishev

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