The board of AutoSAP had discussions with TIPers and the Pilsen Region

At today’s joint meeting, representatives from the TIP and AutoSAP (Association of the Automotive Industry) met to discuss the situation in vocational education from the perspective of the industry. The joint meeting was also attended by the deputy governor of the Pilsen Region, Ivo Grüner. AutoSAP vice president Pavel Juříček acquainted those who were present with the most discussed topics, including: knowledge and skills of graduates, the structure of schools and disciplines, inadequate and inappropriate practices, proposals for legislative changes, working procedures, what was achieved and what remains to be solved.

The discussion, which was primarily in the area of education, was managed by Vice President Juříček. The starting point for changing the current unsatisfactory state of affairs is the introduction of elements of dual education, along with an increase in the share of practical training in companies.

From the perspective of businesses in the discussion, the following were heard:

  • The Czech government bears responsibility for the education system and its adaptation to the labor market.
  • Companies can take some responsibility in the area of practical training. Government has to create a functional legislative environment.
  • The biggest problem in vocational education is linking theory with practice.
  • It is important to align the offer of education with labor market needs.

The representative of the region – Mr. Ivo Grüner – said:

  • The Pilsen Region is aware that technical education is a clear priority for the development of the region.
  • The region supports technical education at all levels.
  • The problem is the mobility of students, and then of graduates as well.
  • It is necessary to create a social base for new company employees among graduates, including showing them the prospects for employment in the industry.
  • Optimization (interfering with schools and disciplines) that does not have an application in the labor market is a very difficult topic, politically.
  • An employment agreement has been prepared.

In conclusion, the firms that were present supported the following conclusions:

  • Members of AutoSAP and TIP are partners with the Pilsen Region in the agenda for vocational education. The regional coordinator for AutoSAP to coordinate vocational education is Mgr. Martin Korinek – managing director of GRAMMER CZ, s.r.o. and chairman of the TIP board.
  • The region and firms will elaborate a prediction of the labor market in the Pilsen Region. It was stressed that if there is no data from companies, the region cannot plan for its training needs.
  • Firms in the region will be guided by the principles of the project “Our School” – partnerships between schools and businesses which are based on five basic pillars: parents, students, teachers, cooperation with companies and the practice of language skills, including internships abroad.
  • The companies will create the concept of areas of training in the region (in collaboration with the region).
  • AutoSAP offers cooperation and seeks to expand its membership base among the “automotive” companies of the Pilsen Region.
  • The director of MAK (Moravian-Silesian Automotive Cluster), Ladislav Glogar, will provide the foundation for the project “Our School” for predicting the needs of the labor market. Material was prepared for the Moravian-Silesian Region (as a model).
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