TIP Representatives Participate in the Preparation of a Technical Education Strategy for the Pilsen Region

Chaired by Jiří Struček, Deputy Governor for Education, Sport, Culture and Tourism, specialized committees commenced their work. The committees include representatives of primary and secondary schools, the Pilsen Region, employers, Technological Initiative Pilsen, JCI, IHK Regensburg, District Chamber of Commerce for the Pilsen Area, Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, CzechInvest, Employment Office and other government and private institutions.

All the stakeholders wish to agree on, create and implement a long-term strategy that would support the development of technical education in the Pilsen Region and thus ensure enough qualified workers for industrial enterprises which provide a substantial part of added value in the entire region.

The TIP representatives engage in the Marketing Section. On the committee meetings held on 20th and 27th June 2013, the TIP representatives presented a marketing strategy proposal targeted at the public, opinion and decision makers. TIP provided its poster “Technology Lined with Gold” (Technika má zlaté dno), as well as the Nine Recommendations for Mutual Cooperation in Supporting Technical Education.

Members of the Marketing Section agreed on the necessity to get involved the broadest possible scope of private enterprises, educational institutions, municipalities, communities and non-profit organizations in the implementation of this strategy. Their debate further focused on the use of unconventional and avalanche-like approaches that enable other entities to participate as well, based on their own decision and with minimal resources.

Members of the Marketing Section recommend that other businesses and schools make space for the collaboration between kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, universities and enterprises, invite managers of engineering and electrical engineering companies for discussions with students deciding on their careers, organize coordinated open days at industrial enterprises on 1st June and in the first and second weeks of February.

Furthermore, the members call on all the relevant structures to support the revitalization of infrastructure for extracurricular technical activities (engineering centres, young engineers’ clubs, school workshops, etc.).

The meeting participants believe that the goal will be achieved when target groups are aware of the prospects of technical study programmes, the target group’s perception of values with respect to technical education has changed, technical study programmes represent a prestigious specialization, the topic of technical education regularly appears in the media, at school lectures and discussion programmes, the topic “Technology Lined with Gold” is included in all strategic documents of the region, municipalities, communities, schools, industrial enterprises, etc., industrial enterprises in the Pilsen Region have enough qualified workers, primary and secondary schools have advanced infrastructure for the study of technical fields and all the structures interested in technical education systematically improve the entire process.

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