Technology lined with gold: students discover the world of Welding

Welding is needed everywhere. Welders connect metals to fences, oil pipelines, nuclear reactor parts. And to bus structures at the EvoBus factory in Holýšov. „We need the highly qualified workforce, because welding robots do not think. We need thousands of different parts, and adaptation to permanent changes. For this, we need qualified welders“ says Reiner Springmeier, director of the EvoBus factory and having been welding engineer himself. TIP member EvoBus is one of the largest welding factory of Daimler group. Supporting the “Technology lined with gold” initiative is one of their actions to sustain a continuous workforce of skilled tradesmen.

To introduce young students in the world of welding, the equipment producer Fronius brought their welding simulator to the school in Holýšov. With the help of Fronius instructors and their teachers, girls and boys alike had to weld one joint, the simulator allowing them to control the parameters like speed, distance and angle of the burner. And to discover that good craftsmanship is not so easy. Occasion to gain respect for good work, and maybe for one or the other the first step into a job with a bright future.

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