Pilsen region is trying to promote technical education in all ways

Pilsen region is looking for ways how preserve this region as traditional industrial region, not as region of services. In the industrial field, such as Pilsen region is, the specializing in services is for region´s leaders unreasonable.

Their arguments are supported by a large companies in Pilsen region. This companies repeatedly complain that they have not enough well educated graduates in technical fields.

Since last year, exists the coordinator of technical education directly responsible for the leader of Pilsen region, who communicates with the Czech Chamber of Commerce, municipalities, University of West Bohemia and industrial companies. Since last year, exists the Commission of technical education too.

Other possibility for support of industrial education is here now. Right now is arising foundation to support technical education, who works in promoting the industry, providing scholarships for apprentices and students and contributes to the purchase of modern machinery and equipment.

“Support of technical education is now on the top of Pilsen region´s priorities. This year we give to this field a few millions czech crowns. And this amount is increasing every year” said Jiří Struček, the regional councilor for education.

The Regional administrative council will select members of administrative and supervisory board of foundation on Monday 17 Feb. This foundation will get financial donation from Pilsen region and private companies, who initiated the creation of a foundation. Their representatives will be present from January 2015 also in the supervisory board of foundation.

German and Czech companies iniciated the establishment of the foundation, because they intend to invest in the future of employees and send to school their masters. Pilsen region wants for companies to giving some school technique too, which is the same as in the production. Support technical education will go primary to elementary, but also to secondary schools and to universities. “It depends on the donor, where they want to give money,” explained Jiří Struček. Within the Czech Republic, it is a completely unique project, in other regions rather the particular company supports one specific school.

Published in Annex of “Deník plný života” February 13, 2014

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