TIP representatives debated within the 11th Štiřín Talks

Johannes Heidecker, President of the Technological Initiative Pilsen, and Wolfram Motz, Managing Director of MBtech Bohemia, participated in the panel discussion “Competitiveness through Innovations and Creativity”. This discussion was held on 23rd April 2013 as a part of the Štiřín Talks, organized regularly by the Prague office of the German foundation Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

Wolfram Motz noted that the ability to innovate one’s products is crucial for a business success. At MBtech, Czech engineers contribute significantly to the success of the company.

Johannes Heidecker observed that many people leave Europe for the USA to start innovative businesses. This trend is taking off despite the fact that the government offers no public subsidies to such people. They are only attracted by a different business climate in the USA. This could be inspiration for Europe.

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