The Arab world and business opportunities

On 9th April 2013, a workshop called “The Arab World and Business Opportunities” took place under the auspices of Ivo Grüner, Deputy Governor of the Pilsen Region. TIP Secretary-General Pavel Duchek also participated in this workshop.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in the Czech Republic, Her Excellency Souriya Otmani talked about this region.


Today’s Morocco is a country of investment opportunities, particularly for the following reasons:

  • proximity of Europe and the Arab world
  • rich natural resources (cobalt, nickel, aluminium)
  • human resources potential leaning on peoples’ experience
  • political stability
  • democratization process and active policy
  • market economy with a strong domestic demand
  • substantial public investments
  • liberalization policy
  • modernization of the infrastructure and administration
  • strong social policy
  • advantage of low wages and transportation cost
  • language skills of the people
  • etc.

Morocco is sometimes called the “Business Gateway”. Investment promotion is secured by the Morocco Agency for Investment. Morocco is a member of the WTO.

Strategic investment sectors: agriculture, fishery, food industry, mining industry, automotive, telecommunications, tourism, electronics, etc.

Investment references: Sumimoto, KAZAKY, Renault, BOMBARDIER, and others.

Main investment streams: USA, India, China, South Korea

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The current situation in Algeria is characterized by the following trends:

  • liberalization and restoration of a political system leading to stability
  • national debt reduction
  • massive foreign investments (about 100 million USD / year), substantial public investment
  • infrastructure development and general housing development
  • preparation of investment promotion programmes (photovoltaics, gas mining)
  • good relations with the Czech Republic
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