The sixth meeting of the TIP association was held at ZF Engineering Plzeň

The meeting took place on Oct. 24, 2012 at 11:30am in Pilsen and was organized by Mr. Robert Ingenbleek (CEO of ZF Engineering Plzeň).

After the initial introduction and a business lunch, Mr. Ingenbleek introduced his company. The meeting then continued with a factory tour, after which Mr. Martin Kovář (CEO of JITONA) introduced himself to the other participants. JITONA is seeking membership in TIP; the general assembly will make a decision regarding its acceptance. The program continued with a brief presentation of JITONA. The penultimate item on the agenda was to inform the participants about the status of individual projects of the association, as well as the project plan for the following year. The General Secretary, Mr. Pavel Duchek, was responsible for this agenda item.

The meeting ended with a discussion about the lack of skilled labor in the mechanical fields. Members and associated partners of TIP decided to launch a project promoting the attractiveness of the mechanical fields in the Pilsen region.

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