Pilsen 2015 – European Capital of Culture (EHMK)

An informal meeting between the General Secretary of Technology Initiative Pilsen, Mr. Pavel Duchek, and the Director of Útvar koordinace evropských projektů města Plzně (hereinafter ÚKEP), Mr. Erich Beneš, took place on Oct. 23, 2012 in Pilsen. Mr. Duchek expressed the interest of some members in participating in the preparation of EHMK through cooperation with appropriate artists, designers and university workplaces which are focused on creative design and art. Some members of TIP offered their manufacturing and development capabilities for the joint creation of the project – a work of art that would present the connection between industrial companies, the artistic community of the university environment, and the city, in an appropriate form.

Mr. Beneš welcomed this initiative and suggested initiating negotiations with Tomáš Froyda, Director of Pilsen 2015, and then suggested involving representatives of TIP in the platform – Knowledge, creativity and industry, and their common future in the Czech Republic. The initial workshop of this platform will be held in early December in Pilsen under the auspices of the Mayor of the City of Pilsen and the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic. This event will be organized by ÚKEP. TIP will receive an invitation.

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