MECAS ESI and GOLDRATT CZ organized the TIP meeting together

The fourth meeting took place at 11:30am on Mar. 8, 2012 in the Hotel Purkmistr, Pilsen. The meeting was organized by Mr. Karel Luňáček (CEO of MECAS ESI) and Mr. Pavel Majer (Managing Partner of GOLDRATT CZ).

The TIP meeting started with a presentation of both companies. MECAS ESI provides technical support and consultations for crash simulation tests, the field of passive safety, production processes of forming, casting, welding and heat treatment, as well as vibroacoustics example, flow and electromagnetic compatibility. GOLDRATT CZ delivers integrated projects aimed at increasing the profitability of the enterprise. For this purpose, the firm primarily uses Theory of Constraints methods (Theory of Constraints, TOC) and others. GOLDRATT CZ is part of a global collaboration of firms covered by Goldratt Consulting in Israel.

The presentation of MECAS ESI was also focused on R&D topics. The name of the presentation by GOLDRATT CZ was „Insights into Resource Management and Sharing“. The result of this presentation was a discussion about sharing resources between future members of TIP.

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