The informal meeting of association TIP – Bowling Plaza

On Thursday 3. April 2014 met the representatives of the TIP with representatives of potential members of TIP on the informal event, bowling on business centre Plaza in Pilsen.

Informal meeting of the association TIP attended Mr. Johannes Heidecker, chairman of TIP, Mr.Pavel Duchek, general secretary of TIP, and representatives of significant companies, Mr. Stephan Kronmuller from the Eurosoftware, s.r.o. and Johanes Hafner from the Konplan, s.r.o., also Marek Gorges of the law firm Gorges&Partners.

In addition to sport-cultural activities took place at a meeting discussion about the possibility cooperation between companies within TIP. Subsequently it was offered to representatives of the above companies, the opportunity to participate in the activities of TIP or alternatively to become a member companies. We hope, that such event will continue.

Bowling2    Bowling1  bowling3

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